Dann & Heather

Dann & Heather with their metal.

Dann & Heather

My sister paid for my fiancé and I to do this as a wedding present and we both loved it!!

Already recommending this to people as we posted a few of our pictures and the response was great.

Mark was great, friendly, informative, experienced and patient. It did not feel like a rushed affair in needing to get through the stages as he let us go at our own pace.

As we went through the stages Mark would explain the reasoning for it and would keep the instructions clear. He had the right balance of letting us crack on with it and supporting us if we were going a little off track. The end result was two perfect looking rings!!

Great small touches such as a filling lunch and tea/coffee and biscuits on tap so to speak.

I know with certainty that this will be one of the many talking points for the big day.

Cheers again Mark, looking forward to seeing the rings once they have been hall marked 😀

Dann and Heather