Here at the jewellery cottage you can spend an enjoyable day making your own wedding rings. You have exclusive use of the workshop and I will guide you through every process from melting the metal to the final polish. So why not come and do something amazing.

“I have been a jeweller for 40 years. I trained in Hatton Garden, London, where I served a traditional apprenticeship. I then spent several years working on antiques & making reproductions in the old fashioned way. Over the years I have had the privilege of making pieces of jewellery for many special occasions. It is always a delight when you see the pleasure on a persons face when they first see their article.

In recent years a number of friends and family have asked if it is possible to make their own engagement rings and wedding rings. We have done this together and I have enjoyed being able to make this wish come true.

If simply seeing a piece of jewellery you have commissioned is exciting, imagine the feeling to have made your partners or to have had your partner make that unique, special ring? Not mass manufactured but a hand crafted & totally unique token of love. Made by the one you love, or for the one you love. I have now decided open my workshop to the public and I hope you will now join me in making your special ring.”

– Mark Tanner